Yesterday was the final exam for my capstone course; boom I’m done. Came home, showered, and got ready to go to bed at 2pm. Cold & fever don’t really make for the best of days, especially a stressful exam day. Surprise surprise though! Knocking on my door, I open the door to see my friends barge in with treats to throw a celebration party. It was great, the small things that good friends do, make the biggest changes in your well being. Yes, I killed my liver yesterday, but, I did kill off my cold & fever too! I need to start a study to inspect whether that’s a causation or correlation effect, that would be sweet. Besides, it’s not like I have anything else to do now. 

Anyfoo, not much to say right now. iPad2’s a low blow, RIM should be renamed to RIP, a full bladder makes you think better, weather in Finland sucks, and BBC’s Human Planet is awesome.

Ps, I read somewhere that bloggers a dying breed apparently, not publishing anymore, etc. Wonder if that’s really true. *cough* Ex *cough*

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