Last night around 2am I was sitting on the balcony, naked, enjoying the heavy rain and just cooling off. The streets were dead empty as you’d expect, and everything seemed surreal. My mind was still in a haze from just being woken up, but it felt good staring into the empty streets; all the traffic lights reflecting off the rain on the roads. A few seconds into this, I see this girl rollerskating down the road, in full bright pink, just skating down and embracing the rain. Something about that moment, I’m not sure what, but God that moment was beautiful. It’s been stuck in my mind all day. The best way I can describe that moment is as emancipation. 

Today I redesigned my website, and a week from now, I’ll be on a flight back to Bahrain with Verena to visit for a bit. This summer’s going to be wicked.

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