Just got back from Newmarket, ON. What an awesome trip! The 5 hour drive to/from there wasn’t awesome, but heh, the trip was so worth it. Got to meet new people and made new friends while chilling with old friends. Who knew race tracks could be so much fun?

Anyfo0, before my travel, my friend & I were talking about age differences. Basically the discussion boils down to why is age (girl older than guy) such an immediate turnoff for girls? I know this doesn’t apply to every girl, but it does apply to almost every girl I know! The only answers I get have to do with maturity, and even if the person is mature, then it’s the feeling of being older that’s a turn off I’m told. Common, really? “Age is but a number” has been supposedly growing in this generation, but apparently not. Meh, it’s their choice obviously, I’m just ranting. I’ve always been the youngest in my classes both in school and university, it’s bullocks.

On a side note, watch LIE TO ME.


Speaking of maturity and girls: this (You have to admit it holds true for a lot of people)

Justin Beiber – U Smile, slowed down 800% (Sounds much better, kudos to the re-mixer)

The world’s most popular goals (#1 has never changed)

The scale of our universe (Pretty fascinating)

Opinion article on why video games need exercise ratings (They don’t. It’s not the companies job to make you thin.)

Bye bye birdy?

12 Events that will change everything (Very informative)

When two fails collide

Fujifilm’s new take on 3D cameras (A lot better than their first. Although do we really need 3D cameras? As if camera related gear isn’t expensive enough already)

Escher’s cube

Guy & his shark (Talk about a Darwin award)

Technological house (Awesome designs, wonder how much they’re priced at though)

University dedicated to horses (Who would’ve thought?)

Free M.I.T. courses, and free UC Berkeley courses.

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