A week of smiles, that’s what it is. Revolts left and right, but in the midst of it all, it’s a smile. Why a smile? Well it’s really simple, it’s finally here. January, 2011; The month the world revolted. It’s contagious, spreading from country to country, and it all started with one selfless act of ultimate protest (for a different cause though).

I’m not one to judge whether this will end up in a positive or negative light, but I do hope the people get what they want. Kick the corruption out, but what’s the succession plan? It definitely hasn’t been working in Lebanon for e.g.

Will the revolts hit the gulf countries is all I’m thinking of. I’m inclined to say no, or at least no to the majority of the countries with the exception of Bahrain. Bahrain’s such a tiny island, and with the constant clashes of the Baharna, I don’t see why this wouldn’t motivate them. Then again, there’s a reason the U.S. Navy 5th fleet is stationed there (amongst other things).

Anyfoo, class isn’t going to wait for me, I’ll have to write more later on. I’m puzzled by this though, do many people attribute these revolutions due to social media, e.g. Twitter #tags? They help a bit, yes, but not to the extent some believe. i.e. Iran.

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