Today was awesome and messed up.

AWESOME! Let me explain why! I had the biggest presentation of my university career. Basically, the presentation of my capstone project for my capstone course. Did the presentation effin smoothly, and got my mark back immediately. “This the highest mark I’ve ever given”, in what? 15 years of teaching this course. KA-FUCKING-BOOOOM! Holy hell, the joy I felt was more surreal than my first orgasm. I wasn’t walking on sunshine, I was sunshine. Four years of presenting in the majority of my  classes has paid off. Finally, I can say I’ve actually gotten something out of university. Just kidding, there’s a lot to learn there! Just not in business. So, the bottom line is this: Stick to something, work your ass off to showcase it, and you’ll be rewarded generously.

MESSED! So here’s what happened next. Eventually after class I went to the proff’s office hours for more feedback in regards to what I can improve upon ( I always do this after presentations). She said “nothing that I can think about”, so we then just talked about random stuff. Eventually she mentioned religion, says she’d been reading a book about Islam to get to know it etc. Anyfoo, she asked me if I’m muslim and I said no. Then she immediately went into Islam is wrong/God isn’t vindictive as Islam portrays him/ prophet was a pedophile, etc. So after all that rambling, she then asked “so what religion do you follow?”, I said I don’t follow any. She then started chirping about how there is a God, and that the universe must have a master planner etc. She then tried to get me into Christianity. “Have you read the bible? It’s amazing, it shows God’s true will; it’s the best selling book of all time ;the most recognizable. The new testament is amazing in guidance” etc. I pause for a minute and think to myself: what the flying fuck just happened? It’s unfortunate that she’s my proff, otherwise I would’ve bashed her claims with some rhetoric. 

Here’s to my Canadian readers!

P.S. Congrats Mathew on the new company!

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