What a fantastic concert, seriously, fantastic! Front row stage and whacked, it felt awesome. So much vibration I’m pretty sure I’ve permanently destroyed parts of my ear drum. Well worth it though. Too bad the horde of people trying to record everything with their cell phones disrupted my viewing a bit. WHY are you recording this?! I don’t want more shitty Youtube videos online when I try and find a studio quality song online. Fuck, there’s already 11 videos uploaded of the concert, all shitty. Hopefully Apple does use that new IR patent to shut off cameras during concerts. That’ll do Youtube some good.

Ps, someone explain the logic in this. I’m out with a good friend for drinks, she mentions her x whom I’m friends with, and kabooom, everything turns sour. Why this, why that, why me, why him, why’d you mention this or that – damn woman. Why does this even happen?! I’ve never asked about an x. It just makes effin sense. In other news though, I beat her at pool :D

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