Apple vs. Samsung

There’s a few things I want to say about this, so here it goes:

  • Samsung blatantly tried to copy the look of the iPhone; no one can deny that.
  • Having Samsung being found guilty on infringing on all those “patents”? That’s  bullshit. Tap to zoom, really, that’s patent worthy innovation? 
  • Apple was not found infringing on any of Samsung’s patents? More bullshit. 

Apple did deserve to win, but not in this fashion. I’m pretty pissed off about the verdict. What is going to be super interesting, is what will become of Motorola vs. Apple. With Samsung defeated Apple will definitely attack the weaker brands, but Google’s Motorola and their filing last week? Holy tits. The sleeping giant has awaken.

It’s hard to say what will come out of this. Will patents just get more absurd and have consumers be the losers in all this? Or will companies be forced to truly innovate? The latter, hopefully. You might not like Windows 8’s Metro UI, but it is innovative. Let’s see more!

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