I have 19 years left to live, and it’s going to be great. Let me correct that: I wish to live for 19 more years. I’ve always held the expectation of living till 40, then passing on peacefully. Anything below would be too young, anything above would be too old. My biggest fear is growing old and frail, but even worse, is growing dependent. Dependent on someone else to take care of me; that I just can’t take. I know some people with Dependant Personality Disorder, it’s disgusting to watch. Obviously growing up dependent, and DPD are completely different forms of dependency, but to me, they’re very similar. Living through the lifestyle I maintain right now, I’m sure to pass 40, I think. That’s ok though, more time to see my brothers succeed into whatever they want, more time to watch dad push us for more, and best of all, more time for me to be me. 

Here’s two links that’ll captivate you. You won’t regret going through them.

A Mother’s Journey (Be sure to click the Caption option)

Days with my Father

Live it~

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