Between Work & Home.

I’m cycling happily down the road, and am one minute away from the condo, when suddenly I’m jolted off my seat. I take a second to go “wtf” before realizing I’ve been hit, and to my surprise, by a motorcycle. I’m alright, just a bit sore from the shock of the impact. My bike’s rear tire got messed up. It didn’t even look like it, and I thought everything was miraculously alright after the biker left. I started riding again and found that nope, things are definitely not okay, the tire’s wobbling and almost coming off. So, fuck me, right? I just got this bike a month ago, and I’m already going to have to replace the tires. I guess me being unharmed is alright, although a scar would’ve been badass.

Thinking about it now, why the fuck was a motorcycle in the bike lane?

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