Bitmaker Labs – Day 1

Today was the 1st day of school, and it went really well. I got there early, took a seat on the first row, and waited for everything to start. Met a few cool folks sitting next to me, then class started. It started with staff introductions, followed by group introductions of the students. We got to pick groups and come up with creative ways to introduce each other to the class. For my group, we presented each other by speaking in code. So I would say for e.g.”name = Ellen”, “puts #{name} can solve a Rubik’s Cube in less than 3 minutes”. Other groups focused on sharing a secret, or introductions based off of similarities.

After group introductions, it was lunch time, which spans from 12pm-2pm. For lunch a random group of us headed to a nearby burger place. Got to meet more cool people during lunch and got to really appreciate that I’m being surrounded by smart people. After that we headed back and I went over to one of the instructors, Chris,  that was introduced as an avid WoW fan. I introduced myself and we quickly got a long. From 2pm till 5pm we were in a lecture taught by my Chris.

The lecture focused mostly on Github and CLI.  It was basic and mostly went over stuff we did through the pre-work already. Not everyone did the pre-work though, so it was helpful. After the lecture we each worked on our individual assignments and 1 group assignment that we had. The group assignment was fun, it basically asked us to write a story through Github. We each pulled the same file, wrote a line, then pushed it, till the story was done.

At 6pm our social night started, so beers were handed out and everyone got to talk, relax, and have fun. During the night I managed to get into a debate with one of my classmates about the The Giver. I think I became his nemesis since he refused to debate any further and stormed off. That basically sums up my first day here.

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