Bitmaker Labs – Day 10


As we continued into HTML & CSS, the above gif makes a lot of sense now. Today we went through an example portfolio and dissected the code, which was useful to everyone. I did spend more time today building my portfolio, but I also spent a lot of it building a fake one that was meant to look horrible. The fake one got a lot of laughs, which is the intended goal. Now I have to motivate myself to do the real one.

After class a big group of us headed over to the same pub as last week and had a good time there. I spoke to a few about my idea for a personal project and the reception was warm. I’ll take the next steps now and see what would be needed to actually build the project.

In unrelated news, I just got an email from the government saying my immigration application is moving to the next step, which is wonderful. It’s been a great day today.

Things learned today:

  • CSS is annoying.
  • It’s easy to forget how little you know.

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