Bitmaker Labs – Day 12

I’m understanding Rails a lot more today, which is great. The lecture today went over what we did yesterday, so it helped reinforce key ideas. I’ve been tinkering with Rails on my own to test it out, so I made myself a library web app that I can add books to. I’ve got the skeleton of the site working, and the functionality is getting there. Tomorrow I’ll finish styling it a bit, and adding edit/delete actions. 

I was talking to one of the instructors and they commented that our cohort is the oddest. Every other cohort would be at the lab till 9pm daily. Us, by 6pm the class is half empty. I’m guessing this cohort has more responsibilities perhaps, which is why we tend to have to go home.

Lessons learned today:

  • If at first you fail, keep trying and always ask questions.
  • Always ask questions.
  • Ask questions.

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