Bitmaker Labs – Day 2

Today went by way too quickly. From 10pm-12pm we had a lecture about Ruby basics. I mostly spent it messing around with my Terminal trying out different configurations. I switched from Terminal to iTerm2, and instead of using bash I’m using zsh, which I much prefer. Checkout oh-my-zsh if you are into this stuff.

Today I was surrounded by PC users, and they all had to switch to Linux because it’s much easier for web development. So half the day was people cursing at installation failures and whatnot. Luckily for me, OSX’s the best platform for web development, so the only issues I encountered were issues caused by me. Is it worth switching to OSX just for this? I wouldn’t say so. Try Linux first, it’s free! If managing Linux is too difficult, then yes, life is 100x easier on OSX.

Soon after lunch I finished the assignments due for today and started working on tomorrow’s stuff. It was an on/off process since I spent a lot of time helping others with their assignments and troubleshooting git errors. Time really passes by when you’re busy. Around 7:30pm I decided enough’s enough and I headed home. I’ll probably work on finishing tomorrow’s assignment tonight before bed, but we’ll see.

Nemesis classmate and I became good friends today, which sums up the day nicely.

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