Bitmaker Labs – Day 22

Test Driven Development was the focus of our lecture today. We’ve done it once before, and today we reviewed it. Nothing new to really learn, so I felt it was a wasted class.

For lunch a bunch of us went to a jazz bar nearby, and had a fun time. It’s remarkable how fast we’ve all come to being close friends. I’m really curious as to how the dynamics will change post graduation. A common misconception is that we’ll all be competing for the same jobs, but that’s not quite true. An astounding number of my classmates are already scheming their own business plans, or already own a business. Some are at Bitmaker just for fun, while others just want to understand code, but not do it as a living. I guess that’s why it’s such a great mix of people.

Our cohort’s been dubbed the social one, because we prefer socializing over learning. The last cohort was at school till 11pm every day and back in for 8am most days. My cohort is usually half empty by 6pm, and some folks barely make it in for 10pm. So far only one person has dropped out, but another hasn’t shown up for two weeks, so he might too. Not bad I think, since the last cohort had at least 3 that dropped out.

I’ve been trying to do something special with my app that has been driving the instructors crazy. I’m making it much harder on myself by trying to do a calendar date-picker and a time_select_field for my application’s reservation page. If you’re purposely making things harder on yourself, the instructors tend to not be encouraging or helpful, which is disappointing. Pushing yourself to do complex tasks helps you learn more as opposed to just going with the easy route. Guess I’ll voice that in the feedback survey.

Tomorrow we start JavaScript. Hooray!