Bitmaker Labs – Day 3

Today was a slow paced intro into more Ruby syntax. The lecture went by fast and when lunch time hit, I was excited. On Wednesdays as part of the course, we get to do yoga. Not everyone wanted to participate, so those of us that wanted to gathered by the door, then we all headed over to the yoga place nearby.

I’ve never done yoga before, so the whole experience was new to me, and gosh was it great. My body would not stop trembling from being pushed so hard. I came out of there feeling energized and clear minded. I’m definitely going to be doing this weekly, and hopefully on my own once school is done.

During the afternoon we worked on our assignments, and I was done pretty early on, so I stayed around and helped anyone who needed it. By 7pm I was tired, so I headed home. The most important things learned today were:

  • Yoga is awesome.
  • Hashes are cooler than arrays but are limited.
  • Helping others also helps you.

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