Bitmaker Labs – Day 31

Today we learned about Action Mailer, which allows us to send out emails in Rails. This is pretty neat and is really important when setting up your own user model. Why? Because you want to be able to send users confirmation emails and so forth. We didn’t really focus too much on Action Mailer, as there’s plenty of guides for that. The majority of the lecture instead was spent on git workflows and branching.

Up till now, we always worked within our master branch in git and never thought of anything else. Today we learned how valuable branching is, and how easy it is to then just merge our branch back to our master branch. Easy being only easy if you don’t have any merge conflicts ;)

Today was also the start of our crowdfunder app, which is a clone of Kickstarter. I’m working with Eric and Natalie on this project. They also happen to be my teammates for my final project.