Bitmaker Labs – Day 5

Today was fantastic! Making things harder for yourself can pay off apparently. A lot of what I learned yesterday has come into play into today. We continued with object-oriented-programming today, and our assignment was to build a customer relationship management application that allows a user to add, modify, delete, and display contacts. I had a lot of fun building it, and am now just adding fun features to it for my own sake. You can find it here.

Following that, a bunch of us headed over to a nearby pub after class for a social night, which was also a lot of fun. Hello weekend!

PS, we also learned about packages to help us with productivity when using Sublime Text. The gist of it is here for those interested:

Package Control for Sublime Text
Make sure to select your version of Sublime Text before copying the code

To open: Command/Ctrl-Shift-P
Type ‘install’ and hit enter to see the list of packages that are available

You can also browse through the available packages here:

Packages to install
Emmet (wait till later)
SublimeLinter (wait till later)


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