Bitmaker Labs – Day 6

Test Driven Development was the topic of today. We basically got an intro to it, because it’s not really a topic that’s teachable apparently. It’s something that’s learned by working and mostly though pair working. We learned how to build tests using Rspec, which was fun to work with.

Our assignments for the day all involved around making Rspec tests pass, which meant figuring out what the test wanted first, then working around that to make the tests pass. For some reason my laptop had issues running some of the tests, so that blowed.

During lunch break, a few of us WoW geeks started talking to Chris about WoW. I think an hour passed by before any of us realized that there were other students there with real questions they had to ask.

After class, we had a pub night with the rails community, which was both awkward and fun. Apparently every time a recruiter looks for people to hire, they stand on a table, pitch their job openings, then buy a pitcher for the group. There were plenty of jobs and pitchers to go around, which was nice to see. Soon afterwards we went bar hopping, which was also fun, and now I’m here.

Thing to remember:

TDD Workflow

  1. Write a test
  2. Run tests so that new test fails
  3. Write code to pass test
  4. Refactor code
  5. Repeat


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