Bitmaker Labs – Day 8

Yoga day! It’s only been my second class session today, but I’m already looking forward to next week’s session. Way more of my classmates joined the session this week, so I’m guessing they are hearing about how much fun it is. We had a different instructor today, which went easier on us than our last instructor, which is good for some, but I prefer the harder stuff.

For class we developed our very own IRC bot today. It was pretty cool to try out, and I stuck to it for a while, but then I went back to solving the bonus question from yesterday. A few people built some pretty advanced bots that could plug into Google Translate and translate anything you asked it, so it was impressive to see what people came up with.

Overall today felt like a break day, because the IRC bot was a fun experiment, and yoga helped relax me.

Things to remember:

  • Everyone has some sort of memory associated with IRC.
  • Making talking bots is fun but repetitive.
  • Ruby makes everything easy.

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