Bitmaker Labs – The Final Two Weeks

In the final two weeks of class, lectures almost become sort of “optional”. Everyone is so busy with their final projects, that any free time that’s available is used up for more work. This has certainly been true for our group.

During these two weeks, we saw each other almost every day, for 12 hours a day. This was really an experience of its own. A lot of good times were had. From talking about design choices, to then getting into arguments about which javascript library to choose from, we were constantly talking or coding.

We ended up dividing the work pretty evenly. I did the front-end and parts of the back-end. Natalie did the majority of the back-end. Eric did all the copy writing, marketing materials, and service info. Each of us drawing from our expertise.

Once we were ‘done’ with our two weeks of time, we gave a presentation that was well received. A majority of our peers want us to pursue this project and make it into an actual business. We’ll see about that.