I took this shot a few days ago, just seemed like a nice set of bokeh to have at the time. The photo itself isn’t great, I didn’t use my tripod so it’s way too blurry for comfort. I want to share this because like a select few, I prefer B&W photography over colour photography. To me, when there’s colour, there’s a lot to look at in a photo; the contrast, the objects, the appeal. When it’s B&W it’s just not the same, simply put, it’s captivating. Let alone the dramatization effect. Although this photo is an exception perhaps, since colour seems to suit it well. The weather’s warming up finally, -3 today! I can start shooting soon. 

That kids, is why you always shoot in .raw format!

Anyfoo, I’ve observed something! Every day when I wake up and am in that muscles are relaxed I feel comfortable in any position state, I check out my FB/Twit/News on my iPhone. For the past month now, it’s been exactly the same fucking thing, and I mean EXACTLY. Facebook: Pro-Reform. Twitter: Pro-Government. Every morning I have to palm face hard because of the beyond retarded comments I have to read. Can’t comment much though, I’m not over there, they are. I’m confident of one thing though, Tyler Durden has set base in Bahrain. 

This have been going viral for a while now, sexy saxman

The Dark Side of Dubai, it’s a long read, but once you start, you get hooked.

Apple’s role in the current Japanese situation.

For all your Japanese news needs, NHK World TV. Ps, the nuke reactors’ new damage tonight is effin scary, radiation leaking out, fuck. Hoping for the best.

If you thought the world can’t get any worse, think again.

50 mistakes woman make during sex. This cracked me up.

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