Day Ends

Yesterday after work, I went to the National Art Gallery with my friend Sam, she proceeded to give me a lecture about every piece of art there; it was fantastic. We then headed to a diner during the snow storm, ordered nachos, poutine and drinks; ended the night with me drawing on napkins with my pencil how polyamory works in a three person relationship. She taught me art info, and I taught her relationship info. 

Today was different. Today I worked till 1:30am. One fucking thirty in the morning, that’s beyond insane, it was an 11 hour shift. Although it was an insane shift, it was still fun. My boss ordered a large meat-lovers pizza with pop for me, just because I didn’t go on my lunch break on time since we were extremely busy. NOT ONLY THAT, but then I taught my boss how Grooveshark works, and now we have music playing in the store finally! Unfortunately, it’s Christmas music, but non of the shitty mall Christmas songs. Good stuff like Frank Sinatra is what we have. 

TLDR; Some days are good, others are better. 

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