Family Trees~

I tried mapping out my family tree the other day, didn’t really end up where I wanted. It’s not that it’s a complicated tree, well to an extent it is, but rather because of my lack of information. I probably know more about camera lenses than I do about my family. I definitely will need help getting this done, but in the process I’ll look pretty retarded infront of my family. I tried looking online for some help, but not dice. That being said, I did stumble across some family trees that are just wow. 

Shouldn’t come as a surprise then that Charles II of Spain was very, very, handicapped. 

Through my search I also stumbled across an Iranian with my first and last name, that just blew my mind. Maybe he’s the damned bastard that took the gmail username I’ve always wanted.

Anyfoo, did anyone catch the pilot episode of Mr.Sunshine? It’s gotten a good rating, but meh, I couldn’t get into it. So now 3/6 of the main cast of Friends have their own sitcoms. I wish it was Frasier’s cast instead. 

Moving on, there’s a few things I’ve wanted to share.

1-My new goal to purchase after getting a good job.You can’t say it’s not effin beautiful. 

2-F.lux, make your life better. I used this program at first with a lot of skepticism. After a week or so though, you really notice a difference. My eyes feel rested when staring at the screen at night, thus resulting in much faster sleeping. Then again, it could just be a placebo effect. Sidenote: If you do use it, make sure to check the option to have it transition over an hour, that way it won’t mess with your head.

3-Droplr is what you’ll want if you like sharing files a lot. Simple drag & drop, and instant ability to tweet the item or copy to your clipboard, it’s pretty neat, kinda like DropBox but more simplistic. It’s a mac app only.

4-If you fail this test, you’re not schizophrenic.

5-Starbucks is now experimenting with interactive displays in Toronto & Vancouver; more reasons to stop by, or more reasons to ignore the place? I think it’s pretty neat.

7- Tim Hortons is now expanding to the gulf countries, maybe the bagel will become mainstream there after that eh? My first bagel was in Canada’s timmies. 

6-Best.Couple.Ever. (seriously watch it)

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