Flashback – Warcraft

 1 – It was sometime in 2005, back in grade 10, back in high school. I was on the server Shadowmoon; queues would go up to 40 mins to get into the game. I remember going to class and meeting my friends, my gaming friends. We talked about our previous night, and what we were doing, and right then I was told that a new server just opened up that we could all transfer to; Magtheridon. I remember during lunch break, we all rushed to the library upstairs and logged on to the computers there to transfer our characters to the new server. You see, waiting till we got home to do it was no option. The faster we did this, the more game time we got out of it. Transferring servers usually takes a few hours, at least it did back then.

2 – Go forward in time four years, and it’s 2009, December specifically. I’m one of the main tanks of the guild I was in. We had a raid scheduled that I was prepping for, but unfortunately my internet went down 30 minutes or so prior to the raid. I remember getting in the car, and driving at a high speed to my favourite coffee shop and plugging in there. The internet there of all days happened to be shitty too, and consequently I got replaced for the day’s raid. Fuck was I pissed. The beauty though? I ordered some pecan cinnabon, got some coffee, picked up my friend, and headed to the beach for a night of burning stuff. Even when you put down your game, you still game.

So, flashback? Yes, flashback. I have no clue why, but while eating dinner today it hit me hard. All the way back to grade 10, for no reason whatsoever. Heh, that’s all.

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