I just had a quick chat about Google+, so thought why not blog a bit.

I wouldn’t say it’s that good, it’s better than Facebook though. I hate Facebook, it’s for teens and moms now. Google+ is still for geeks, it’s still for me. I’ve restricted my Facebook page now to the following (this prompted the chat about G+ initially): 

No one can see or click anything anymore, my profile’s just a place holder for the Pages I manage for work, and to chat with through Adium. On Google+, I haven’t put in much info either, but it definitely still looks a hell lot sexier than Facebook:

The notion of Circles is pretty much like FB’s Groups, so nothing revolutionary. Just easier to manage. Huddle and Hangout are both extremely awesome though. That’s the real innovation, right there. Huddle is basically BBM/iMessage that reaches anywhere. Hangout is basically Skype with whomever, whether it’s one on one, or six of you video chatting together – it’s great. I’m not sure whether Google+ will be hugely successful, but that’s ok, cause I know it’s already won over the geeks. I wonder how Diaspora will manage though, the market’s getting saturated. 

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