Dearest Minette,

Life is different, very different. During grade 12, the naive me sat there and thought I had the world figured out already. Flash forward into my fourth, and final year of university, I don’t know anything anymore. The more I learn, the less I know. Where am I taking myself in this world is still a vague mystery. I do know a few certainties though. Get a job you love, make friends, and be happy with yourself. Thankfully I’m on track with those certainties.

A little over 10 months ago my mother passed away due to cancer. I did not know of her illness till I heard the life-shattering news. Of course by then, it was too late. All the words I should’ve and could’ve said were too late to tell. That entire academic year was hard to get through. Come summer time though, and I’ve gotten back on track. Back to getting A’s and back to enjoying myself.

Life is still vague right now, but that’s the beauty of it. No commitments and no plans. I’m still a naive 20 year old, but now I understand to not try to figure life out, but rather, just live it, enjoy it, and prosper through it. I’ve come a long way from the time when we’d read Animal Farm in your classroom. Now, my bookshelf is stocked with the works of Kant, Schopenhauer, and more. I’m well read, and very well informed.

All this, I attribute to you and my father. To you, for if you haven’t been my mentor and teacher, if you weren’t there to push me to read more and expand my vocabulary, to tell me about the different aspects of life, and to broaden my eyes to the outside world, then I would not be the man I am today.

For that, I am eternally in debt to you.

Your student,
Mohamed Farazi

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