Hesitation Marks

I find it difficult to blog for the sake of blogging, which is why you don’t see as many posts these days. Basically the same reason I don’t use other forms of social media anymore either.

Anyways, Nine Inch Nails just released Hesitation Marks today, and it’s g’damn good. If you haven’t listened to it already, you probably should. I’ve found it pushing me at work to be super productive. Today at work we moved into our new office, which overlooks Lake Ontario. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and I can see planes land every few minutes, which is a bonus. I also have a new boss now, who wasted no time in getting things rolling, which I liked.

Right now, Athena’s whining in pain since she was spayed today. Also found out that one of Verena’s cats is eligible for a Guinness world record tie with the current cat for most toes (according to our Vet today).  Overall, it’s been a cool day, but I can’t get over feeling sorry for Athena. So sad in her cone of shame.

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