How to start your day.

Today was day one of my training program for my new job. I arrived last night at the hotel, checked in, went to my room and settled in. The beds are comfy, and my roommate hadn’t arrived yet. I picked my bed, ironed my shirts, and read Rant till I tired of waiting and went to bed. That brings me to today again, which was/is day 1. I woke up at 7am, took my shower, dressed up and headed downstairs to the boardroom. As I was heading out, I picked up my watch and was wearing it in the elevator, but low and behold, this is what happened: 

You can imagine that happening at the start of the day would ruin your day pretty much. However, the complete opposite happened. Turns out I don’t have a roommate due to a booking error, so the room’s all mine for the next four days. I made friends with all my peers here, as well as senior management. I also have my suggestions for the company actually being implemented despite me just starting today on day 1. Pretty wicked.

Lesson: break your watch if you want to have an awesome day. 

Anyfoo, breaking away from that subject, I was reading my RSS feeds and found this particularly interesting:

Dump someone who you know will never love you as much as you love them. It’s hard but it’s something that will save you a lot of grief and heartache in the end. All you’ll be able to focus on is their body shifting away from yours in bed, or letting go of your hand during a movie. You’ll feel rejection at every corner and try to find ways to get them to love you more. Nothing will work. You deserve a relationship with less inequity. Living a relationship in perpetual fear and worry is like being pricked with a needle all day long.

Pretty interesting. Verena & I argue about who loves who most all the time, and we give each other examples of what love is and how we measure & showcase it, but really, we don’t know (lies, i’m most). I know Sarah was discussing similar concepts in this post of hers; it’s sweet to see a discussion of sorts around this. When do you start realizing that “oh wait, I guess I do love this person way more than I’m being loved”? & if so, is that right? 

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