“I Teach You”

So here I am trying out the condo gym to get myself into shape. I’ve been in a runt recently, and nothing feels better than working out ( well a few things do). As I’m doing my set, a big muscular guy walks in, does his alpha thing and crush the machines, then just sits there and stares at me for a bit. Mind you I’m still working out and ignoring him. Once he was done observing me, he walked over and said “No no, I teach you”. He had a thick Russian accent, and had a hard time formulating what he wanted me to do in words, so he’d just show me.

Machine by machine he showed me how to properly use them, how to effectively breath in and out to maximize my lifting, and what weights I should be using. In short, he schooled me and became a temporary trainer. I definitely learned a lot from him, and could see improvements in what I was doing immediately. I asked him what he did, and how he got to be knowledgable about this. He said he was a soccer coach and that he did this as a routine.

When I used to go to proper gyms, no one ever corrected me when I did something wrong. Not even the trainers there. Here in this simple condo gym, this guy goes above and beyond to help me out. Gyms need more heroes like him.