I’ve always wondered, why aren’t there any subscription based movie theaters? You pay a monthly fee for a certain package, thus allowing you enjoy a limited or unlimited amount of movies to watch based on your package. I think it’s a neat idea, and definitely profitable. Picture this: One of the medium sized theatres here has 17 different movies playing this week. Tickets are around $10. Would I pay $170 to watch all those movies? Hell no. Would I pay, let’s say $40-50, for a month pass and watch them all? With the free time I have right now, yes. They end up getting $40-50, which they wouldn’t have gotten any other way from me. I might’ve paid to see one movie, not more. Also, in addition to the monthly stream of revenue, there’s money coming in from concession stands. There’s obviously a lot more to it than that, but this is a good start. 

anyfoo, I’ve been lazy with sorting links on time, here’s a few good ones though.

Tom Hanks, pure awesome.

The President’s Speech.

Hotel Girl.

Cool dad.

Leaked Windows 8 shots.

What would’ve happened if you bought Apple stocks instead of products.

iPad’s real source.

Celery (NSFW)


The power of lonely ( good read).

UNICEF landmines.

Japan’s big secret (good read).

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