Last week I went to an Eels concert, which was hands down the best concert I’ve been to (even beating Rammstein). Something you could notice straight away was the amount of mature adults in the crowd (those 40+). Eels have been around for over a decade, so it makes sense to see that demographic, and better yet, they make quality music that generation x knows about.

It got me thinking though of what the future holds for my generation when all these sweet bands retire. Radiohead’s on break, NIN just got back for one last gig, Thom Yorke’s side project Atoms For Peace is awesome, but only a side project. Many of the good bands I grew up listening to, that shaped me in a way or two, are going to be gone within the next few years, which is a depressing thought. It’s not all gloomy though, new bands are always forming; it’s just finding them through the muddied waters of shitty pop music that is hard. That being said, I’m looking forward to seeing Alt-J in concert. Maybe they’ll be the Radiohead of this generation.

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