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Music, joy, hangouts, the essence of chill – the bond. No matter the culture, the demographic, the age gap, the whatever, the answer simply cannot change. Music’s intertwined with life. There’s a song to everything, even if it can’t be heard. From birth to death, there’s always song, always music, always noise. Life isn’t short either, it’s the longest thing you’ll ever do, right? Forever music.

So now we know what music is – what life revolves around, but what about social? How do social and music mix? That’s easy, isn’t it? The one common theme in all hangouts, restaurants, elevators, movies, dinners, meetings, and even the ISS – there’s music joining them all together. In school you met your group of friends and established friendships based off of similar music tastes. It starts in school with you and your friends listening to Blink 182, all having a good time, all thinking you’re at the top of your lives. The next thing you know is a few decades pass by, you’re all at a U2 concert, all having a good time, all thinking you’re at the top of your lives. You see, music by nature is social. It brings people together who share a similar taste, a similar passion, a similar joy. Music isn’t all happy though, nor are social things for that matter. I digress, sorry. 

My favourite band is Trespassers William, and they use social media quite well. It’s them that tweet, post stuff on FB and whatnot; not their managers, nor a PR company. It’s them, and I love it. If I go on their Twitter profile, I can see them interact with individuals and reply back to even the oddest of tweets – as it should be! If I go on their Facebook Page, I can see photos of them in the studio goofing around, having fun, and just being normal. Everyone tagged, even the non-band members. All in a glorious non photoshop’d, non image enhanced photo, just a regular photo from a regular camera. If I compare Trespassers William to any big successful band, I can’t say that the same would hold true. 

We’ve all heard it before, that experience is what it’s all about. This is exactly what experience is to me, not some fake PR publishing, but rather a genuine interest in your fans, and rewarding them appropriately. This is how social and music should be – hand in hand, done appropriately. 

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