When you’re bored you tend to do weird things. This though isn’t really weird, but the outcome was. There’s a heavy jacket I’ve bought during my first year of university, I haven’t worn it for a year or two now (ever since it got replaced). Today though, I decided I’d wear that old jacket for “fun”. I took it out and threw it on the bed while I picked a t-shirt, and was surprised to hear quarters fall out of the old jacket. I went and picked up the quarters, $2 worth of change. “Maybe there’s more” I think to myself, so I search the pockets and to my surprise, a burnt out cigarette, a receipt, and a granolla bar were in the jacket’s pockets. 

This is odd.. I don’t smoke, and this receipt is for a purchase done using a MasterCard, I don’t even have one. Weirdest of all, the receipt is dated 2010 at an address I don’t frequent. I’ve never worn this jacket in 2010, and I don’t remember lending it out or anything. Everyday has their own jacket anyway, and oh, what’s with the granolla bar? Haven’t had those sine 2nd year of university, when I last wore that jacket. I might’ve left the bar there yes, but the cigarette and receipt? What the fuck?

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