The world of retail is menial, but social, depending on your customer. Every day something new happens that baffles you. Something you wouldn’t think is possible, yet there, right infront of you, it’s happening. To sensationalize this a bit more, it’s kind of like war. You see horrible things you thought only existed in horror books born out of an author’s misguided hate. Something like that, yup. My coworker, Andrew, and I have this game of seeing what the best quote of the day is – coming from our customers or the general populace in the store. Today’s quote goes to a special lady for the following: 

I can only use BlackBerry because I need to be able to access Yahoo and Hotmail.

Mind you, this is despite explaining what Android & iOS are capable off in terms of e-mail sync and whatnot. She’s obviously entitled to whatever she wants, and I’m not here to judge her. The quote itself doesn’t sound like anything worthy of attention either, but well, Andrew’s reading this; he knows, I know, and so do some of you, we all know. 

I sell wireless and wireline products, but guess what the top three questions I get asked every fucking day are?

  1. Are there washrooms here?
  2. Where’s the kids toy section?
  3. Where can I find luggage?

This has been consistent for a week now. Also, I’ve noticed more males will smile back and nod as opposed to females. So, eff you girls. Coincidently though, the three highest positions in the store are held by females. 

Anyfoo, that aside, you all know Fiverr, right? Well, it didn’t take long for someone to use that concept for adult content. ExtraLunchMoney does it for you [NSFW].

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