Sunshine 1.0

12 coffees and 5 teas later, I finished writing my essay, oh and it’s 6am already. I think I purposely take as much time as I can, just so I can drink as much caffeinated drinks as I can. In summary of my essay, everyone should know that Monsanto is the mother of all evil corporations. Dumping of PCBs illegally, bribing officials, false advertising, child labour, and the list goes on.

Do you notice that if you can google something, you’re suddenly the go-to fix it all/know it all person? It’s as if no one can properly search for anything on google. Today I got asked “what time is it in London?”. GOOGLE IT, Jesus. So now I use this site to help these lost souls out: Let me google that for you.

Anyfoo, on to more pleasantries! I redecorated my apartment, feels great, and more spacious! Now I need to do something about that extra space =/ I had more important things to say, but I can’t think clearly anymore, so I’ll skip ahead to something I used to do in my old blogging days, links I gather from around the web!

Red Eye

New haircut? (Gotta agree on this one :p)

Kids with Nazi names taken away from parents (Those parents need to be jailed, as if they don’t know the shit their kids will go through for having those names)

Worst way to die?

Even ants hate wasps

Study finds women are attracted to men in red (What do you think? I personally love red on girls)

Fake orgasms (Men DO care, there’s psychological trauma of feeling inadequate if we fail)

Plural of octopus (That was hot!)

Japanese (I won’t even attempt describing Jap links)

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