I think unlimited access to coffe is doing something to me. I wake up around 8-9 in the morning, make breakfast and sip coffee, then bike to work. When I get to work I get to my office, leave my belongings, then head to the kitchen and pour myself some coffee. When the cup is empty, I go refill it and go back to work. Around noon I eat lunch, and have coffee with it. Depending on how long I stay in after that, I might have coffee again. I’m averaging at minimum 4-5 cups of coffee a day right now. It has almost completely replaced water for me. I still don’t get jitters out of it though, which means my tolerance is higher, which is good and bad. I don’t get that adrenaline kick anymore, which sucks, but I do get to enjoy more good tasting coffee and not worry about not being able to sleep.