Why Does Music Feel So Good?

Why Does Music Feel So Good?


Last week I went to an Eels concert, which was hands down the best concert I’ve been to (even beating Rammstein). Something you could notice straight away was the amount of mature adults in the crowd (those 40+). Eels have been around for over a decade, so it makes sense to see that demographic, and better yet, they make quality music that generation x knows about.

It got me thinking though of what the future holds for my generation when all these sweet bands retire. Radiohead’s on break, NIN just got back for one last gig, Thom Yorke’s side project Atoms For Peace is awesome, but only a side project. Many of the good bands I grew up listening to, that shaped me in a way or two, are going to be gone within the next few years, which is a depressing thought. It’s not all gloomy though, new bands are always forming; it’s just finding them through the muddied waters of shitty pop music that is hard. That being said, I’m looking forward to seeing Alt-J in concert. Maybe they’ll be the Radiohead of this generation.


What a fantastic concert, seriously, fantastic! Front row stage and whacked, it felt awesome. So much vibration I’m pretty sure I’ve permanently destroyed parts of my ear drum. Well worth it though. Too bad the horde of people trying to record everything with their cell phones disrupted my viewing a bit. WHY are you recording this?! I don’t want more shitty Youtube videos online when I try and find a studio quality song online. Fuck, there’s already 11 videos uploaded of the concert, all shitty. Hopefully Apple does use that new IR patent to shut off cameras during concerts. That’ll do Youtube some good.

Ps, someone explain the logic in this. I’m out with a good friend for drinks, she mentions her x whom I’m friends with, and kabooom, everything turns sour. Why this, why that, why me, why him, why’d you mention this or that – damn woman. Why does this even happen?! I’ve never asked about an x. It just makes effin sense. In other news though, I beat her at pool :D

I’ve recently put myself up to the challenge of not listening to music in any social setting that’s usually deemed not social at all. Places like the bus and gym are the major ones for me. So, what happens when you go to the gym and want to exercise to good music? Well, here’s the list of songs that got played today at the gym:

  1. S Club Party – S Club 7
  2. Oops I did it again – Britney
  3. Larger than life – Back Street Boys
  4. Some Rihanna song
  5. I like it – Enrique
  6. Hollaback girl – Gwen Stefani
  7. Some disco song
  8. Some Britney song
  9. No clue what this song was
  10. Get down – B4-4
  11. Genie in a bottle – Christina Aguilera
  12. Some Katty Perry song
  13. Some Christina Aguilera song

A few words describe my mood the entire time: What the flying fuck is this shit. I couldn’t tell whether the people in charge of the music were trolling us members hard, or whether this music is supposed to get me so effin angry that I can lift more weights. Hopefully better music next time, otherwise my challenge needs to end. I’m sure some members would agree with me, but I also know a lot like those songs so meh. 

My new band crush is Say Hi. Specifically Elouise, and Let’s Talk About Spaceships. Music’s just so very, very, personal eh. From Say Hi, to The Beatles, to Opeth; I just can’t put a label on my music taste.