Between Work & Home.

I’m cycling happily down the road, and am one minute away from the condo, when suddenly I’m jolted off my seat. I take a second to go “wtf” before realizing I’ve been hit, and to my surprise, by a motorcycle. I’m alright, just a bit sore from the shock of the impact. My bike’s rear tire got messed up. It didn’t even look like it, and I thought everything was miraculously alright after the biker left. I started riding again and found that nope, things are definitely not okay, the tire’s wobbling and almost coming off. So, fuck me, right? I just got this bike a month ago, and I’m already going to have to replace the tires. I guess me being unharmed is alright, although a scar would’ve been badass.

Thinking about it now, why the fuck was a motorcycle in the bike lane?

First Week

The first week has gone by quickly, and all I can say for it is – its been awesome. I’m liking the condo a lot, the balcony a lot more, and our neighbourhood is good. A grocery store less than a minute away, and our very own local lesbian pub, which is now our go-to place. 

Work has been wonderful. My coworkers are great and my workplace is awesome. There’s no clock in/clock out, just get your work done wherever you want to be. Half the staff is in shorts and a shirt, while the rest are in business casual. It’s the start-up culture pretty much. This Thursday we have a soccer tournament, so I’m excited to show off some skill.

Last Saturday, Verena and I went to our first baseball game with a few friends of mine, and wow was I impressed. What I thought would be extremely boring turned out to be a lot of fun. The Yankees vs. Blue Jays. I think we’ll definitely go again later this year.

One thing I dislike about this city, which I guess is true for most big cities, is that as a cyclist, traffic here is a nightmare. I’ve already been hit once by a van’s side view mirror, and this morning I got yelled at because some idiot driver didn’t understand how sharing the road works. The worst are the cabs, they simply don’t care. I’m thinking I won’t even try risking it in the winter, probably just do the 30 minute walk to work. We’ll see.

Right now, I want to explore the museums in this city. I hear they’re better than Ottawa’s, which is good because Ottawa’s were quite good.