It’s been two days and I’ve already had a lot happen this year! Today I celebrated both my birthday and my last day at work. Often people ask “what do you plan on doing this year?” or “what’s your resolution at this age?”, and for me, I can’t go twice at it. With the start of the year and my birthday being a day apart, I only get to reinvent myself once a year.

On that note though, I have a lot to look forward to this year, starting with school on the 13th of this month. I’m excited, but mostly nervous too.

At work my boss made a giant poster of me and hung it in the kitchen as a farewell gesture. Unfortunately I look like Gollum in it, but that’s alright.


Office Space

We just moved offices at work to join our sister company, which has resulted in my work place becoming even better. Exposed brick walls, open space concept with no cubicles, an aquarium, a bookshelf with Warcraft novels, and most importantly, an espresso machine with a frother are my current happy points. Working next to the programmers is pretty cool too, they’re smart people. Hopefully I can learn a thing or two about programming now.

Like a Boss

On Friday I probably reached the height of my career so far, I interviewed someone to be my intern. What a feeling. Just one year after finishing my own internship at a social media agency, now I get to choose my very own intern to work with. 

December is shaping up to be awesome for Verena and I. Leonard Cohen concert in Ottawa this weekend, birthday party in Montreal the day after, Christmas work party here in Toronto, and all the gifts in the world on Christmas in Ottawa again. All this travel and gift buying is going to cost a shiny penny, heh.

One of my childhood friends, Ali, just finished his dissertation in Manchester and decided to celebrate by visiting me here in Canada. He’s only been here two days and it’s been awesome. Two weeks of fun times ahead! He’s a serious body builder, so when he declined eating poutine due to carbs, it broke my heart. Why would you come to Canada if not for poutine? Anyway, it’s serendipitous that he chose to travel here in September since I’m still new to this city too, so I’m forced to do touristy things with him and learn more about the city. 

Today it was raining pretty heavily in the morning, so I biked to work in my swim trunks and just changed to jeans after. EXCEPT my banana exploded in my bag, so now my jeans have this miasma of banana stench that’s choking me. I think I should switch back to the trunks and admit defeat to the banana. 

Anyways, back to work. Need to pump up some blog topics before our soccer tournament. 


I bumped into an old friend today, a wise friend. He’s retiring and moving to the Bahamas, and here I am starting on a search for a new job. So much contrast, me starting and him ending. He’s moving with his wife and kid, l’m starting on my own. Just like seasons, we change – come & go. 

My friend that I came to Canada with just finished university and is heading off back home, back to comfort, back to the easy life. I wonder why though, why chase just being comfortable? He doesn’t know, he’s just going, it’s easier he says. Why not something more though? Why not test yourself, see if you can make it without everything you’ve had growing up. A guaranteed job, a car, a home, and friends; no one can turn those down, right? Wrong.

Everyone I know works to save money and retire. It’s what we do, it’s how we function, what we crave for; security. I figure if I die by forty, I won’t need to save money for a long retirement. Rather, I’ll save my money for an early retirement at 3x, then travel the world till thirty nine. At thirty nine, I’ll head to the country with the highest crime rates, and end up with bullet and stab wounds. It’ll be painful, very painful probably. It’ll be beautiful though. Sounds crazy? Definitely. Will I do it? Probably not. It’s just a rant, that’s all, I think. A white blank page, that’s all that’s going to be left soon anyways – I’m just wondering whose notebook it’ll be out of.

Eleven days till the end of summer.

Too long.

That was quite a break. An unintended one too. I started working during the first week of May, and as part of my job I do community management for one of our clients. I blog/tweet on their behalf sometimes, and that has occupied my own blogging/tweeting energy. Meh. I do love my job though! Where else am I going to work at a place where my boss will bring me awesome cupcakes/cookies/pies/drinks during meetings? You’re right, a cupcake bar probably (that would be an awesome place). Regardless though, this is awesome! I’ll take a photo next time we have one, although I do hate being one of those “take snaps of what I’m eating” people. Whatever, I need to keep this blog updated with something, right?

Two days from now is my graduation! Walking up the stage, shaking hands, smiling, getting my degree, then walking off the spotlight. That’s not going to be me though. I ain’t attending. I did plan on attending, dad was going to come and see me graduate! Heck, I made the Deans’ Honour List! Dad’s not coming anymore though, since the date conflicts with my younger brother’s graduation. University graduation vs. High school graduation – which has more weight? Apparently high school. Why? Well you spend 12 years through school, then leave as a young adult – you invested so much there, and now it’s time to experience life. Whereas university, you’re already kinda done with it all and know what life is to an extent. Oh well, at least rescheduling his ticket was easy. The lady at Expedia who happened to be a Lebanese I’m sure, did an awesome job. I don’t get why I can’t reschedule tickets online though? What’s so hard in that?

Anyfoo, I’m going to go watch Game of Thrones now. If you haven’t been watching this show, do so. HBO doesn’t cut on quality. Also, since I’ve got your attention already, check this and this out too. Alright, cool.