"The stars were bright, Fernando"

I finished watching the presentation I was invited to attend, discussed it with the businessman himself, and decided it was time to leave.

“I’ll drive you home” he insisted. We leave the conference and head to his beautiful SLK. “Let’s ride in style” he says. So he lowers the convertible rooftop, and off we went.

We start talking more about the presentation, the whole idea behind it, the opportunity and whatnot. I wasn’t too interested in the presentation, to me it was one giant pyramid scheme anyway. I was more interested in the businessman himself. Owner of four businesses, including my favourite coffee shop, and a well known Indian cuisine, Shafali.

He came to Canada in his early years and moved into the same building I’m currently at, same floor too, before buying a condo. He worked his way up through one principle he says: “By never giving up, you never lose. By never quitting, you can’t get fired”. “Wise words” I nodded. He then talked about his passion, which is giving. “Whenever you give something, you always get more in return”. He has built an orphanage in his hometown of Bangladesh to give as much as he can. He works 5 hours a day and spends the rest of the day with his young son, and gorgeous wife. “Family is everything”.

We reach my place, I thank him for the ride, he tells me to expect a phone call from his business partner, and off he went.

Only a few seconds later my friend calls me to go out for some photography. 12am I head over to his place, we then go off to Quebec, to the farmlands, and start photographing the stars. It was extremely foggy, and the clouds were covering most of the sky. We still got some decent shots regardless though!


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