Too Many Screens.

My eyesight is taking a giant bat to the pupils, I think. Did that even make sense? I don’t care. My eyes are starting to hurt, with a small side dose of headaches, too. There’s just too many damn screens. Damn you, screens and monitors. 

At work I stare at 3 monitors (1 for my Windows desktop – 2 for my Mac). They’re just there waiting for me to abuse them, while they abuse my eyes. I’ve distanced them as far as I can from me and dimmed their brightness, yet they still attack my eyes pretty hard. I think I’m slowly going to switch to using just my laptop at work – small screen, and it’s resolution is good enough that I don’t need to use the giant screens as much. The downside is, once you get used to having more than one screen to look it, it’s hard to go back. It’s damn hard.

Right now, one screen has my Outlook, the other has Chrome, and the third has my desktop (usually Adium + Word or Pages). When I’m at home, I have my laptop, mobile phone, and the TV. Just more sources for eyestrain. I don’t even know why I’m complaining about this very obvious first world problem. I should be happy.

One thing I’m super happy about is my Kobo. Whenever my eyes get too tired, I just take a break and read a bit more of John Dies @ the End. E-ink displays are the best. 

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