Twenty Two.

Today I had the best customers. Every single one was funny, polite, and awesome. Days like today make me happy. Hopefully this trend continues.

For my birthday, I received an awesome gift from the most unexpected; a corporation. During the final semester of university ( Spring 2011), I had my strategic management course, and in it I did my capstone project, which took everything I’ve learned in the past four years and turned it into one mind-blowing project. As I noted back in Spring, I aced the class, and made it to the Capstone Festival; best presentations are pitted against each other there for feasibility and realism. I didn’t win the festival because my project was deemed unrealistic by the judges. The judges varied from aircraft consultants to tech sector CEO’s. Well, for my birthday, that sweet little corporation; The Globe & Mail, announced WestJet’s (the company I did my project on) new aim for 2012. Their new aim is basically my fucking project, right down to the exact same plane models and exact same strategies I recommended. Too unrealistic? Go fuck yourselves you arbitrary judges. I win.

For my birthday, I also got a scarf. A fucking awesome scarf – It’s perfect. Below is the most articulate description of my scarf & I, courtesy of ThoughtCatalog.

Sometimes I feel as though the scarf is the best thing to ever happen to me. Kittens have grown into cats and then died. Girls have gotten sick of my passive-aggressive over-intellectual routine and then dumped me. …Brightness has fallen from the air. Queens have died young and fair. Everything changes. But still, my scarf remains.

I love my scarf.

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