What a long strange trip it’s been~

It feels as if every trip back home is the same, see family, and see friends. See family, and see friends, but it actually isn’t. Every time there’s a huge new development that’s happened that I’m yet to explore. I brought three books with me to read while I relax back home; I didn’t even read a single page in the end (Although I did finish two of the books during my flights). Who knew so much time would be consumed by having unending fun!  There’s a lot to share, but I don’t really need to share, those I enjoyed my time with, know exactly what the awesome times feel like, indescribable.

There’s a few describable instances through that I don’t mind sharing. AIRPORT SECURITY, what a pain. In Frankfurt I got sent to a bomb screening room where they raped my camera gear to see if there’s any residue of bomb material, common! It did make me feel special though, so it’s not all bad, although I doubt that kind of attention would do anyone any good. I’m so used to Frankfurt it’s like a third home. If anything, I should be in a sequel of The Terminal. Sixteen hour layovers every trip, I know this place inside out. Frankfurt with all its might has one big flaw though, a gigantic lack of power sockets. With my Mac being so awesome that my battery doesn’t work, no power sockets translates to sixteen-hour layovers without a laptop, which to me is very, very, troubling.

Anyfoo, on the note of airports, when I was waiting for my plane in Bahrain, a female passenger who checked in while I did, said her goodbyes to her family, all covered up in her abayaa, then as soon as the family left she changed into tights and makeup, and left her abayaa with one of the security officers. Zero to hero, or hero to zero, whatever way you want to look at it, either way I laughed hard. I’ve only heard about people doing this, never actually seen it till now.

Interesting note: I found out why some long-haul flights exiting from Bahrain stop at KSA first. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not to take onboard more passengers, although they do get marginal gains from that. The real reason is to fuel up the plane with Saudi’s inexpensive oil prices. The plane flies out of Bahrain on barely any fuel and refuels all it’s tanks at Saudi!

2010 was my best learning year, here’s hoping for 2011 to triumph that! Happy belated new years to you all.

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