Why Montreal?

Ottawa’s dying. I don’t think I can stay here for much longer, maybe a year, maybe two? I need to leave though, but where? Montreal I like, Toronto too, but those aren’t the only places. Between those two right now, it’s definitely Montreal. I do however have to give Toronto a better sweep, to bask in all it has to give. There’s time for that, I still have a year or two.

On the reasons behind Montreal

  • You’ll always be a tourist. French is the official language ( I don’t speak French), I’ll always feel like a tourist there, and I’m sure many others do. It’s a city of tourists as it is, so that doesn’t hurt. 
  • Beautiful buildings, everywhere. This has to be the first thing anyone notices the second they get into downtown Montreal. Gothic style buildings are gorgeous, and when mixed right next to modern minimalistic looking buildings, holy. It’s architecture porn.
  • Patios, noise, and people. The sidewalks are huge, the city lives on the patio experience, every shop has one. Not shitty conservative patios like here in Ottawa, no. Giant patios with lots of room, and lots of people. With people come noise, and the city’s full of it. Go to old port? It’s never quiet, never. Not during day, night, snow or rain, it’s always buzzing.
  • The tunnels, the metro. Oh the metro, such an awesome adventure to just get on a train and launch off to nowhere. It reminds me a lot of Lost In Translation, pretty wicked.

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