Wonder how he does it. It’s pretty awesome, I’d buy prints of his work if I could, but really, how does he do it? How does he know whether the photo is in focus, or whether the chemical treatment is done right etc. I guess if we knew, then this video wouldn’t be as captivating eh?

Anyfoo, speaking of art. Here’s a time to not be “artsy”, or basically a hipster. The other day my friend invited me over for dinner at his place, so me thinking it was just a casual dinner, put on one of my threadless t-shirts (this specific one) and headed over. To my awesome surprise, this wasn’t just a casual dinner, but rather a proper dinner. His godparents and their sons came over, the godfather having just come back from helping with the elections in Sudan. Everyone one dressed up formally, except for me, the clown with animals on my chest. Needless to say, it was an awkward night. Lesson learned; never under-dress. 

anyfoo, speaking to the hipster in all of you that dislike popular movies these days, here’s why.

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