There are three times that I’ve felt like I was almost going to die while riding my bicycle. Most likely because I was almost going to die. Maybe.

Age 10-11 (Can’t exactly remember):

I was riding alongside with my neighbour and my brother around the neighbourhood, which is shaped almost like a maze; narrow sharp turns everywhere. I was riding in the centre, my neighbour to my left, and my brother to my right. We took a left turn past my old house, and that’s when I got hit by a car. I can’t say I remember what I felt at that very moment, but I know I crashed into the bumper, flew off my bike and hit the windshield, then rolled off the hood and fell on the ground. I was alright somehow. My left arm was cut open and bleeding, but I didn’t think too much of it. I went back home, took care of it, and wore long sleeve shirts till it healed. 

This Past Summer:

I was biking back home from work, and this was my 2nd day of owning my new bike here in Canada. Going to my apartment requires me to go down this steep hill to get to the bike path that takes me to/from work. As I was going down the hill, an OC Transpo bus (public transportation), which I’m sure I’ve bitched about a million times (and the main reason I got a bike), did not stop at the stop sign and continued driving on as I was making a left turn near it. I ended up being around 8 feet away from being run over by the fucking bus. The driver started honking and I casually flipped him off while I continued to bike away. All I remember was the excitement of being so close to the bus, my heart pounding, and my anger boiling at OC Transpo.


With windchill, the temperature right now is -26. I decided that’s the perfect time for a jolly bike ride, especially given that we had a snow storm last night, so all the roads are snowy. Snowy roads make for awesome bike riding because you risk falling every 10 seconds. It’s a game of balancing yourself while trying to maintain the fastest speed you can achieve. It’s a double edged sword; the faster your speed, the worse your fall. Well, I fell in front of a car today. Good thing the car was a few feet away and driving slowly due to the snow. I can’t consider this a close brush since I fell on the bike path lane, away from the car a bit. It’s a close encounter though, so good enough. 

Mind you, I’ve never owned a bike helmet, nor do I plan on getting one. I might have to eventually though, if I want to live long enough to die at 40.

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