Dearest mom,

It’s been a year exactly today. A lot has changed, a lot hasn’t. The family still meets once a week for the usual hangout, the usual laughs and cheers are all there. Heck, they just had a surprise birthday for Hassan the other day! He had a blast!

I myself am doing great in Canada! I love everything I’m doing here, and I have friends whom I can’t imagine living without; It’s awesome.

Salman is doing great, he’s good at school, and has finally left behind his shy phase. Oh, and he’s super handsome! He’s definitely getting married before I do :P

Dad’s being dad, always awesome! He’s almost done building your coffee shop; can’t wait to lounge there and think of you!

I hope you visit me in my dreams or something; It’s been a while since we’ve talked. RIP dearest.



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