It’s fun times here in Ottawa, from freezing cold to grammar nazis living in your apartment building, what can be more fun? That’s rhetoric, we all know a monkey with a gun is the answer. So anyfoo, the building I live in has four elevators, today I lucked out and got into the elevator a certain prankster decided to have fun with. The rental office usually puts important info in the elevators for us residents to see, and sometimes, these memos contain grammar mistakes. Some brave soul decided to deface the memo and grade it for our pleasure today. I got a quick chuckle out of it. Reminded me of this video. The image quality isn’t good since the iPhone’s camera well, speaks for itself. LG Optimus 3D or the Nexus S need to get here soon.¬†

Such a shitty camera. My N95 from five years ago takes better shots, damn. Anyfoo, moving on, this next image is kinda nifty, comically true too!

Wonder what’ll eventually replace that? That’s up to us Gen-Y’s to invent eh. I say we’ll eventually be in some form of matrix where reality¬†disappears, so something along the lines of “Disbelieve before you believe” might be work.

anyfoo, links.

A spy shot of a BMW i8 is out, and #@$# it looks awesome! Electric, racing, and a beemer, better start saving money from now to finally buy it once I’m 39.

Some folks absolutely hate their teenage siblings, or teenagers in general *cough*lino0oh*cough*. I hate teenagers, I wasn’t that retarded as a teenager, why are they? Salman, you’re ok, for now. Anyfoo, turns out we’re been systematically creating this teenage rebel that we hate so much, or at least that’s the theory being tested now.¬†

Boob clamp! Possibly the best video YouTube has. I’m not sure whether or not understanding what they’re saying is an advantage or disadvantage, but I do know the science they are using is wrong. Fat doesn’t magically leave your stomach and move to your boobs. O-well, one can only wish so much.