Between Work & Home.

I’m cycling happily down the road, and am one minute away from the condo, when suddenly I’m jolted off my seat. I take a second to go “wtf” before realizing I’ve been hit, and to my surprise, by a motorcycle. I’m alright, just a bit sore from the shock of the impact. My bike’s rear tire got messed up. It didn’t even look like it, and I thought everything was miraculously alright after the biker left. I started riding again and found that nope, things are definitely not okay, the tire’s wobbling and almost coming off. So, fuck me, right? I just got this bike a month ago, and I’m already going to have to replace the tires. I guess me being unharmed is alright, although a scar would’ve been badass.

Thinking about it now, why the fuck was a motorcycle in the bike lane?


Cycling to work today, I had some lady follow me on her E-bike. Something that looked similar to an under-powered Vespa. Eventually at a red light, she managed to pull up next to me and said “You’re really going fast, I can’t even keep up with you”. I laughed and made conversation, then she said I was going over 30k/h, which excited me. That’s exercise for you! Wohoo. Soon after, the green light lit on and I blasted away again. That, my friends, was my ego boosting morning commute. Cycling 1 – Cars 0. 

First World Cycling Problems

A week ago I bought a really good bicycle. It looks similar to the picture below. Comically enough, the same night I got my new bike, my old bike got stolen, which is a shame since I wanted to pass it on to Verena. Anyways, that’s not the point, the point of this post is for me to vent. First world cycling problems, right? So, what is this problem you might ask? I’ll tell you! The bike is too damn fast. Hah. That’s not a problem, not at all, it is actually why I wanted it. The problem is all these g’damn slow cyclists out there that force me to bike slowly and not make proper use of my bike. That, and pedestrians are fucking stupid. Someone jumped in front of me today to get into a car, while I was speeding by. Naturally, I hit her with my bicycle. The bike is fine, don’t worry; so is the pedestrian.

Okay, back to slow g’damn cyclists. On a good day with no grandma cyclists in front of me, my commute during rush hour is 10 minutes. On a bad day, it goes up to 20 minutes. You might think that I’m being whiny about 10 minutes, that it is nothing in the grand scheme of things. You’re wrong. It is important, it is why I got this road bike, to commute faster than I could with my old mountain bike. Unfortunately for me, grandma cyclists force a bottleneck for now. Argh.