One of my childhood friends, Ali, just finished his dissertation in Manchester and decided to celebrate by visiting me here in Canada. He’s only been here two days and it’s been awesome. Two weeks of fun times ahead! He’s a serious body builder, so when he declined eating poutine due to carbs, it broke my heart. Why would you come to Canada if not for poutine? Anyway, it’s serendipitous that he chose to travel here in September since I’m still new to this city too, so I’m forced to do touristy things with him and learn more about the city. 

Today it was raining pretty heavily in the morning, so I biked to work in my swim trunks and just changed to jeans after. EXCEPT my banana exploded in my bag, so now my jeans have this miasma of banana stench that’s choking me. I think I should switch back to the trunks and admit defeat to the banana. 

Anyways, back to work. Need to pump up some blog topics before our soccer tournament.